Posted by Bruce McKenzie
The Rotary Club of Winnipeg West grassroots programs to battle child poverty by providing relevant and culturally appropriate reading materials for children. 

The Rotary Club of Winnipeg West continues to support local programs targeting at risk children with initiatives at Rossbrook House, Winnipeg Inner City Missions, a food program at Principal Sparing School, and its new literacy program at Cecil Rhodes School.

In a recent comment, Noelle DePape - Community Development Division at City of Winnipeg applauds RCWW for all of the work the Club is doing and encourages our club to keep and expand these programs “as it is in all of our interests to bring the marginalized part of Winnipeg out of poverty”.

The Rotary club's most recent program focuses on an Early Years Literacy Program (Nursery to Grade 3) at Cecil Rhodes school, and assists the school in purchasing current and culturally-appropriate books for young students, containing indigenous themes. A grant of $5,000 from jour club helped launch the program.

Fueled by the core principles that children need to be fed so that they can learn, educated for a brighter future, and early reading skills to prevent falling behind, The Rotary Club of Winnipeg West strategically targets its giving to at-risk children.

The Cecil Rhodes Literacy Program which supports aboriginal artists and authors composing the books, also helps indigenous children regain their aboriginal culture which was lost to earlier generations; another step towards reconciliation.


Thank You cards from the kids at the school!

A look at some of the books we provided!